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  • Professional Plant Care: More than Meets the Eye

    As simple as it may seem, professional plant care requires much more than the process of giving it water. Most plants brought indoors are from tropical climates where water cascades down a rainforests’ canopy of tall trees until tiny drizzles of water end up on the plants far below. Contrary to belief that these plants need lots of water, most of them end up drowning in kindness that equates to over-watering. So it is no surprise ...

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  • Container Gardening: Anytime, Anywhere

    Container gardening offers many advantages that people can tend to overlook: containers can be less work because they can be placed closer to a water source; they offer a smaller soil area to have to weed; they can be placed at a height that can minimize bending for watering and tending; movable containers can “follow the sun” if you have changing exposure; they can provide a garden plot even in high-rise apartments or homes with ...

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  • Why add indoor plants to the office space?

    It is widely recognized, in Burlington MA. that indoor plants in the workplace offer more than just aesthetic value.  In fact, research science and studies have shown that in addition to improving indoor air quality they help reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes, and increase productivity. Indoor plants are both attractive and beneficial. Not only do they soften the look of indoor spaces, but plants also add oxygen to the air, and many even filter ...

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  • Interior Plant Care and Selection in Burlington Mass

    Almost any indoor environment is more pleasant and attractive when living plants are a part of the setting. In apartments, condominiums and single family residences, plants add warmth, personality and year-round beauty. Shopping centers, hotels and resorts take full advantage of the colorful, relaxed atmosphere created by green and flowering plants. Offices, banks and other commercial buildings rely on interior plants to “humanize” the work environment and increase productivity. There are other important, often overlooked functions performed by indoor plants. These include directing or controlling pedestrian traffic, subdividing or enclosing space into ...

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  • Earth Day in Burlington Ma

    There are so many things we can do to celabrate Earth Day in Burlington, MA. Adding interior plants in your office space is a great way to "Green your air"..Plants do more than pretty up your work space. In Billerica, they also absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen. They may even help prevent "sick building syndrom," where off-gassing office decor, carpeting and furniture can cause illness and allergies. Another idea is to use ...

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  • Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant

     Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant! Looking to add a little zing to a work area? Consider sharing your space with a plant. Not only will a bit of nature add some color and personality to a cubicle, it might benefit your mind and body. Plants in the workplace have been shown to decrease health complaints, lower stress, increase productivity, inspire creativity, and ...

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