Green Plant Benefits

There are many!

Green Plant Benefits?

Many of our clients have discovered that beautifully landscaped interiors are essential to creating and maintaining a healthy and profitable environment, and making an overall positive impact on your bottom line.

Some of the benefits include:

Green Plant Benefits - office relaxation

  • Tenant Occupancy ~ Plants can improve tenant occupancy and retention by 17% based on various case studies, including a scientific case study on the Opryland Hotel performed by Associate Professor Michael Evans.
  • Productivity ~ Plants have been shown to enhance worker productivity by 12% while reducing the mounting problem of workplace stress. Also, plants can reduce busy office noise, lessening workplace distractions.
  • Employee Retention ~ Studies from Oxford University indicate that plants have very positive effects on employee perceptions and dispositions which lead to lower employee turnover rates
  • Cleaner Air, Healthier Environment ~ Plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. By cleaning workplace air, plants can significantly reduce sick time loss.
  • Improved Corporate Image ~ While indoor plants cost less than most other decorating choices, they offer a guarantee of positively enhancing the perception of your property and corporate image.

What’s the benefit to you?

  • People respond positively to plants and flowers
  • Research shows that only well cared for plantings will give you the return on investment you expect.
  • The plantings always look manicured…because they are.
  • Your staff is free to do their own work rather than maintain the office plants.
  • When you invest in plantscapes, your corporate image and company culture express your concerns for the environment, your clients and your employees.
  • The continuous replacement program for your interior plantings provides you with fresh plants when they are needed – at no additional cost.
  • Professionally maintained plants show that you care about your employees and your customers. Studies have shown that professionally maintained plants enhance productivity, reduce stress and help clean toxins from the interior air.