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The Benefits of Office Plants

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As many of you know plants add a great natural beauty to the work environment. Research has proven that in addition to adding a natural look to your office, plants improve the air quality, helping reduce stress, as well as increasing and improving productivity and attitudes. Our plants will add more oxygen to the air and eliminate toxins in the air.

We provide many plants that will fit perfectly inside your office cubicle or near your work space. Our plants are able to thrive and live under florescent light. You don’t even have to worry about the maintenance because one of our professionals will be in every so often to water and run checkups on all the plants installed.

Some of the most well-known plants that add oxygen and remove toxins from the air, as well as adding natural beauty to your office include:

Ficus (Weeping Fig)


Boston fern

Janet Craig dracaena

Peace Lily

English ivy

Dwarf date palm

Creative Interior Plantscapes can help pick out the best suited plants for your office space. Check out our plant selection guide on our website and give us a call at 617-794-1353 for a free consultation.

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