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  • Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant

     Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant! Looking to add a little zing to a work area? Consider sharing your space with a plant. Not only will a bit of nature add some color and personality to a cubicle, it might benefit your mind and body. Plants in the workplace have been shown to decrease health complaints, lower stress, increase productivity, inspire creativity, and ...

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  • Interior Design for your Home and Office

    Creative Interior Plantscapes, can add a bit of flavor and tranquility to the inside of your house or office. We work 24 hours a day to provide our customers with beautifully designed interior plants. With just six short simple steps, you will be well on your way to a more prosperous and decorative office or home! Consultation: One of our professional staff members, will sit with you and/or your family, and discuss the best plant ...

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  • Interior Landscaping in Burlington and Boston MA

    Things to know about hiring an Interior Landscaper:   References - Interior Landscapers tend to build up a strong and loyal customer base.  Specifically, if the landscaper in question has been in the business for years, and does a great job, his clients will be more inclined to stick with him/her from one company to the next.  Creative Interior Plantscapes is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in the ...

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