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  • Interior Plant Care and Selection in Burlington Mass

    Almost any indoor environment is more pleasant and attractive when living plants are a part of the setting. In apartments, condominiums and single family residences, plants add warmth, personality and year-round beauty. Shopping centers, hotels and resorts take full advantage of the colorful, relaxed atmosphere created by green and flowering plants. Offices, banks and other commercial buildings rely on interior plants to “humanize” the work environment and increase productivity. There are other important, often overlooked functions performed by indoor plants. These include directing or controlling pedestrian traffic, subdividing or enclosing space into ...

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  • We have a new website!

    Welcome to the new website for Creative Interior Plantscapes! It is our hope that you will find the information on the site helpful and informative.I would like to thank Corinne at Clear Point Web Solutions for the wonderful work she has done on the website. If you have any feedback on the ...

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  • The Benefits Of Indoor Plants

    One of the best finishing touches to any decorating project or room design is the addition of one or more indoor plants. There are many different plants that can grow under typical indoor conditions, while others may require a grow light, humidifier or other special treatment. In ...

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  • Put some life into that office lobby with some fresh plants!

    One way to create a serene office atmosphere would be to bring nature into the office ... and this may be done most easily by having several interior tropical plants with trendy containers in addition to features like artificial water falls. Choosing the right kind of plants and containers and arranging them the right way will add a touch of class in addition to serenity.

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