Living Walls

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Living Walls are living vertical pieces of art that add so much to commercial spaces or residential homes.

Benefits of Living Walls


Living Walls Living walls and other planting have the potential to increase residential and commercial property values by between 7% and 15%. They help to create a positive perception for prospective purchasers of property. They soften newly built houses and give immediate character and warmth. Further, they can improve the environmental performance of buildings and therefore the economic performance through reducing heating and cooling costs.

Living walls provide screening and /or barriers where fencing regulations may limit alternatives. They may enhance the prospects of securing planning permission


Living walls may have a positive impact on both physical & mental health and wellbeing. Green views and access to green spaces in cities help and relieve the everyday pressures of crowding and noise. They may have a positive impact on crime reduction since residents living in ‘greener’ surroundings actually report lower levels of fear, fewer incivilities, and less violent behavior. Living walls can benefit communities socially by instilling higher public esteem and pride for an area.

Living walls can have seasonal variations in color, growth, flowers, and perfume which provide all year round interest.

Living walls can provide local fruit and vegetation for your home.


Living Walls help to reduce local wind speeds, traffic noise, and localized temperature extremes by shading and converting liquid water to water vapour (evapotranspiration) which cools the air. They help to improve air quality by reducing dust and particulates and help to reduce the amount of heat lost from a home. Another significant benefit is the increase in biodiversity, along with aid for food and shelter for wildlife. Living walls can also significantly increase infiltration and storage of rainwater through their root systems.

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