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Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant

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OfficePlantsPost  Perk Up Your Office Space with a Plant!

Looking to add a little zing to a work area? Consider sharing your space with a plant. Not only will a bit of nature add some color and personality to a cubicle, it might benefit your mind and body. Plants in the workplace have been shown to decrease health complaints, lower stress, increase productivity, inspire creativity, and improve air quality by filtering toxins and reducing carbon dioxide.

Lighting should be a primary factor when selecting a plant. Check the pot’s label or contact an interior landscape professional to see what is suitable for your area. Full-sun plants are fine if you can put them right by a window with good exposure, while partial-sun plants can survive a bit further away from sunlight. Windowless workers should opt for shade lovers such as Wandering Jew, Asparagus Fern, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, and Jade Plant. Keep your allergy-prone colleagues from outbreaks by staying away from flowering plants or taking them home when in bloom.

Lighting also needs to be considered when setting up a watering schedule. A plant living in a place where lights are on around the clock is working hard and will need to be watered more often than one that is in the dark at night and on weekends. Fertilizer also can assure that the plant is getting what it needs to stay healthy. Potting the plant in a mix specifically designed for indoor use can help mold from becoming an issue, as can watering the plants deeply and thoroughly and then allowing the soil to become fairly dry before watering again.


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