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Office Plants in Billerica MA

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Just a few days ago, I received a call from a potential client in Billerica, MA. She was interested in purchasing some interior plants for her office.

The first thing on the agenda was setting up a free consultation at her office, where we discussed pricing, styles of plants like the size and shape. I went to her office and introduced myself as a small business owner, from Burlington MA. I explained to her that all of our plant materials are grown in Florida and the plants we order are shipped in climate controlled trucks to my office in Burlington MA.

At all of these consultations, I want to make sure that my customers have a chance to share with me what kind of plants they want for their home or office. Here at Creative Interior Plantscapes, we want to make sure that our customers receive high quality service and beautiful natural looking plants. In order for this to happen, I like to walk around the space looking for the perfect spot for each plant. While in Billerica, I used my digital imaging program that shows me and my new customer what each plant will look like in specific parts of her office. This will allow her to view the plants she selected for her office before we actually install them! This way she will know if the plants she selected fit her office space. She told me that the digital imaging program made her feel better and more confident that the plants she chose will look perfect in her office.

I gave her some suggestions on plants that would look best in her office environment. I showed her a lot of different samples using the digital imaging program, and she was able to choose which plants looked best. After the consultation, I wrote her up a detailed proposal of the plants she selected, along with pictures and the overall cost of the project. Upon reading this proposal, she was delighted with her selection, and the pricing of the project. She said that she was going to use our company to decorate the inside of her office. She told us that we won her over from another company with our dedication to high quality workmanship.

Two weeks later the plants were delivered in the climate controlled trucks. We did a thorough inspection of each plant making sure that they were all healthy and insect free. After the inspection, we installed the plants in her office. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. We made sure to clean up any dirt or soil that might have spilled during the installation. I perform weekly maintenance checkups to ensure healthy and insect-free plants.

If you are interested in interior plants for your home or office, give Creative Interior Plantscapes a call today at 617-794-1353.

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